Our Story


Gilles's Baguettes is a small bakery located in Dummerston, Vermont.

Making Breads & Croissants.

Gilles makes the Breads and Lucy makes the croissants.

About Gilles & the Bread..............

I grew up in France and baguettes are a daily staple in the French diet.

I started making Baguettes, because I couldn't find a European style baguette in the local markets.

What started as a hobby for family and friends, evolved into a small business.

The baguettes are made in small batches and go through a long fermentation .

It’s important to me to use simple, high quality ingredients.

Each baguette is made with four ingredients: Transitional and  Organic flour from Quebec Canada; salt from Brittany, France known as Sel de Guerande; a speck of organic yeast from Germany; and, finally, fresh water from my deep well.

The baguettes have good keeping quality, a nutty taste and they freeze well.

About Lucy and the Croissants.......

I am a life long artisan, working in hot glass and metals, as my profession, and a devout home baker, self taught pastry chef, from a proud heritage of amazing New England woman bakers! I am very influenced by my family recipes and traditional technique. I work with the very best of small farm organic ingredients, which living here, in Vermont, is a bountiful amazing experience, in itself.

I continue to evolve my recipes and techniques and I am thrilled to find an appreciative audience, here, in Brattleboro Vermont!

Merci Beaucoup et Bon Appetit!

Coming Soon....

Fire Arts Bakery & Cafe

485 West River Road

Brattleboro, Vt